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193. Died Marcus Severus Didius Julianus, Roman Emperor
987. Hugh Capet is elected King of France
1252. Alfonso X. is elected King of Castile and León
1434. Died Wladislaus II. of Poland
1533. Anne Boleyn is crowned Queen of England
1815. Born Otto of Greece
1846. Died Pope Gregory XVI.


1418. Died Katherine of Lancaster, wife of Henry III. of Castile
1535. Born Pope Leo XI.
1740. Born Marquis de Sade, French author
1835. Born Pope Pius X.
1838. Born Grand Duchess Alexandra Petrovna


1411. Died Duke Leopold IV. of Austria
1540. Born Charles I. of Austria
1843. Born Frederick VIII. of Denmark
1865. Born George V. of the United Kingdom
1963. Died Pope John XXIII.


1039. Died Conrad II., Holy Roman Emperor
1257. Died Duke Przemysl I. of Poland
1394. Born Philippa of England, Queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden
1604. Born Claudia de`Medici, Grand Duchess of Tuscany
1738. Born George III., King of Great Britain
1798. Died Giacomo Casanova, Italian adventur and writer
1941. Died Wilhelm II., German Emperor


1316. Died Louis X., King of France
1667. Died Pietro Sforza Pallavicino, Italian cardinal
1771. Born Ernest Augustus I. of Hanover


1502. Born John III., King of Portugal
1714. Born Joseph I., King of Portugal
1772. Born Maria Teresa of the Two Sicilies, Holy Roman Empire Empress
1872. Born Tsarina Alexandra of Russia
1934. Died Julije Kempf, Croatian historian and writer


1329. Died Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland
1394. Died Anne of Bohemia, wife of Richard II. of England
1840. Died Frederick William III., King of Prussia
1896. Born Imre Nagy, Hungarian politician
1936. Died Stjepan Seljan, Croatian explorer


218. Died Macrinus, Roman Emperor
1042. Died Harthacanute, King of Denmark and England
1476. Died George Neville, English archbishop and statesman
1757. Born Ercole Consalvi, Italian Roman Catholic cardinal
1795. Died Louis XVII., King of France


68. Died Nero, Roman Emperor
1058. Born Primož Trubar, Slovenian Protestant reformer
1572. Died Jeanne d`Albert, Queen of Navarre
1595. Born Wladislaus IV., King of Poland
1640. Born Leopold I., Holy Roman Emperor and King of Croatia and Hungary
1661. Born Feodor III., Tsar of Russia
1672. Born Peter I., Tsar of Russia
1851. Born Charles Joseph Bonaparte, French politician


1075. Died Ernest of Austria
1190. Died Frederick Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor
1424. Died Duke Ernest of Austria
1825. Born Princess Hildegard of Bavaria
1839. Born Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg, Council President of Denmark


1216. Died Henry of Flanders, Emperor of the Latin Empire
1403. Born John IV., Duke of Brabant
1488. Died James III., King of Scotland
1557. Died John III., King of Portugal
1727. Died George I., King of Great Britain
1858. Died Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, Austrian statesman
1871. Born Stjepan Radić, Croatian politician
1897. Born Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia
1914. Died Adolf Friedrich V., Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz


816. Died Pope Leo III.
1519. Born Cosimo I. de`Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany
1675. Died Duke Charles Emmanuel II. of Savoy
1758. Died Augustus William of Prussia


823. Born Charles the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor
1231. Died Anthony of Padua, Portuguese saint
1760. Died Antoine Court, French Hugenot minister
1886. Died Ludwig II., King of Bavaria


1497. Died Duke Giovanni Borgia
1544. Died Antoine, Duke of Lorraine
1870. Born Sophia of Prussia
1894. Born Marie Adelaide, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
1928. Born Ernesto „Che“ Guevara, Marxist Revolutionary


923. Died Robert I. of France
1246. Died Duke Frederick II. of Austria
1330. Born Edward the Black Prince, Prince of Wales
1341. Died Andronikos III. Palaiologos, Byzantine Emperor
1383. Died John VI., Byzantine Emperor
1389. Died Murad I., Ottoman Sultan
1467. Died Philip III., Duke of Burgundy
1521. Died Tamás Bakócz, Hungarian Catholic cardinal and statesman


1216. Died Pope Innocent III.
1332. Born Isabella de Coucy, English princess
1397. Died Philip of Artois, French soldier
1612. Born Murad IV., Ottoman Sultan
1644. Born Henrietta Anne Stuart, Princess of England, Scotland and Ireland
1858. Born Gustav V., King of Sweden


1025. Died Boleslaw I., first King of Poland
1091. Died Dirk V., Count of Holland
1682. Born Charles XII., King of Sweden
1696. Died John III. Sobieski, King of Poland
1863. Born Duke Charles Michael of Mecklenburg
1882. Born Adolf Friedrich IV., Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz


1269. Born Princess Eleanor of England
1291. Died Alfonso III., King of Aragon
1318. Born Princess Eleanor of Woodstock
1772. Died Gerard van Swieten, Dutch-born physician
1868. Born Miklós Horthy, Hungarian admiral and regent
1901. Born Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicolaevna Romanova of Russia


1027. Died Romuald, Italian saint
1205. Died Roman the Great, Grand Prince of Kiev
1566. Born James I., King of England and James VI. of Scotland
1584. Died François, Duke of Anjou
1867. Died Maximilian I. of Habsburg, Mexican Emperor
1902. Died Albert, King of Saxony


451. Died Theodorid, King of Visigots
840. Died Louis the Pious, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
1469. Born Gian Galazzo Sforza, Duke of Milan
1566. Born Sigismund III. Vasa, King of Sweden
1634. Born Charles Emmanuel II. of Savoy
1647. Born John George III., Elector of Saxony
1699. Born William Gustav of Anhalt-Dessau
1837. Died William IV. of the United Kingdom


1002. Born Pope Leo IX.
1205. Died Enrico Dandolo, Doge of Venice
1208. Died Philip of Swabia, King of Germany
1226. Born Boleslaus V., King of Poland
1305. Died Wenceslaus II., King of Bohemia and Poland
1377. Died Edward III., King of England
1527. Died Niccoló Machiavelli, Italian historian and political author
1528. Born Maria of Spain, Holy Roman Empire Empress
1621. Died Louis III., Cardinal of Guise
1646. Born Maria Francisca of Nemours, Queen of Portugal
1788. Born Princess Augusta of Bavaria


1276. Died Pope Innocent V.
1535. Executed John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester
1593. Battle of Sisak
1634. Died Johann von Aldringen, Austrian field marshal


79. Died Vespasian, Roman Emperor
1018. Died Henry I. of Austria
1222. Died Constance of Aragon
1373. Born Joan II., Queen of Naples
1433. Born Francis II., Duke of Brittany
1456. Born Margaret of Denmark, wife of James III. of Scotland
1703. Born Maria Leszczyńska, wife of Louis XV. of France
1763. Born Josephine de Beauharnais, Empress of France
1894. Born Edward VIII., King of the United Kingdom


1244. Born Henry I. of Hesse
1343. Born Jeanne de Valois, Queen of Navarre
1386. Born Giovanni da Capistrano, Italian saint
1439. Died Duke Frederick IV. of Austria
1519. Died Lucrezia Borgia, Duchess of Ferrara
1535. Born Joan of Spain, Queen consort of Portugal
1825. Born Grand Duchess Alexandra Nikolaevna of Russia


1134. Died Niels, King of Denmark
1218. Died Simon de Montfort, French crusader
1242. Born Beatrice of England, Duchess of Brittany
1533. Died Mary Tudor, Queen consort of Louis XII. of France
1665. Died Archduke Sigismund Francis of Austria
1755. Born Princess Natalia Alexeievna of Russia


363. Died Julian the Apostolate, Roman Emperor
1575. Born Anne Catherine of Brandenburg, Queen of Denmark and Norway
1681. Born Hedwig Sophia, Duchess of Holstein-Gottorp
1878. Died Mercedes of Orleans, Queen of Spain
1922. Died Albert I., Prince of Monaco


1040. Born Ladislaus I., King of Hungary
1350. Born Manuel II., Eastern Roman Emperor
1358. Republic of Dubrovnik is founded
1458. Died Alfonso V., King of Aragon
1462. Born Louis XII., King of France
1550. Born Charles IX., King of France
1655. Died Eleonore Gonzaga, wife of Ferdinand II., Holy Roman Emperor
1794. Died Wenzel Anton Graf Kaunitz, Austrian statesman


548. Died Theodora, Byzantine Empress
767. Died Pope Paul I.
1385. Died Andronikos IV., Byzantine Emperor
1476. Born Pope Paul IV.
1491. Born Henry VIII., King of England
1586. Died Primož Trubar, Slovenian Protestant reformer


1059. Died Bernard II., Duke of Saxony
1252. Died Abel, King of Denmark
1397. Born John II. of Aragon
1482. Born Maria of Aragon, Queen of Portugal
1875. Died Emperor Ferdinand I. of Austria


1470. Born Charles VIII. of France
1503. Born John Frederick, Elector of Saxony
1579. Died Mehmed Pasha Sokolović, Turkish Janissary
1607. Died Caesar Baronicus, Italian cardinal and historian
1670. Died Henrietta Anne Stuart, Princess of England, Scotland and Ireland