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10.BC Born Claudius, Roman Emperor
126. Born Pertinax, Roman Emperor
1137. Died Louis VI., King of France
1464. Died Cosimo de`Medici, ruler of Florence
1713. Born Charles I., Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
1714. Died Anne; Queen of Great Britain


686. Died Pope John V.
1100. Died William II., King of England
1589. Died Henry III., King of France
1674. Born Philip II., Duke of Orléans
1696. Born Mahmud I., Ottoman Sultan
1868. Born Constantine I., King of Greece
1912. Born Vladimir Žerjavić, Croatian statistician


1460. Died James II., King of Scotland
1720. Died Anthonie Heinsius, Dutch statesman
1770. Born Frederich Wilhelm III., King of Prussia
1832. Born Ivan Zajc, Croatian composer
1872. Born Haakon VII., King of Norway


1060. Died Henry I. of France
1113. Died Gertrude of Saxony
1290. Born Duke Leopold I. of Austria
1306. Died Wenceslaus III. of Bohemia
1521. Born Pope Urban VII.
1578. Died Sebastian of Portugal


882. Died Louis III., King of France
1461. Born Alexander Jagiellon, Grand Duke of Lithuania
1833. Born Carola of Vasa, Queen consort of Saxony
1877. Died Gustavus, Crown Prince of Sweden
1923. Died Vatroslav Jagić, Croatian slavist


258. Died Saint Pope Sixtus II.
523. Died Saint Pope Hormisdas
1162. Died Ramon Berenguer IV., Count of Barcelona
1195. Died Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria
1272. Died Stephen V., King of Hungary
1414. Died Ladislas, King of Naples
1458. Died Pope Callixtus III.
1666. Born Maria Sophia of the Palatinate, Queen of Portugal
1697. Born Charles VII., Holy Roman Emperor


317. Born Constantinus II., Roman Emperor
461. Died Majorian, Roman Emperor
1106. Died Henry IV., Holy Roman Emperor
1560. Born Elizabeth Báthory, Hungarian countess
1751. Born Wilhelmina of Prussia, Princess of Orange
1783. Born Princess Amelia of the United Kingdom
1862. Born Victoria of Baden, Queen of Sweden
1876. Born Mata Hari, Dutch spy


869. Died Lothar II. of Lotharingia
1824. Born Maria Alexandrovna, Tsarina of Russia
1827. Died George Canning, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
1928. Died Stjepan Radić, Croatian politician


117. Died Trajan, Roman Emperor
378. Died Valens, Roman Emperor
803. Died Irene, Byzantine Empress
1048. Died Pope Damasus II.
1250. Died Eric IV., King of Denmark
1669. Born Eudoxia Lopukhina, Tsarina of Russia
1722. Born Augustus William, Prince of Prussia
1783. Born Alexandra Pavlovna, Grand Duchess of Russia
1872. Born Archduke Joseph August of Austria, Austrian field marshal


1267. Born James II., King of Aragon
1296. Born John of Bohemia
1397. Born Albert II. of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor
1520. Born Madeleine of Valois, wife of James V. of Scotland
1535. Died Ippolito de`Medici, ruler of Florence
1759. Died Ferdinand VI., King of Spain


480. BC Died Leonidas, King of Sparta
1204. Died Guttorm, King of Norway
1456. Died John Hunyadi, regent of Hungary
1467. Born Mary of York, English princess
1667. Born Anna Maria Luisa de`Medici, last of the Medicis


875. Died Louis II., Holy Roman Emperor
1484. Died Pope Sixtus IV.
1503. Born Christian III., King of Denmark and Norway
1566. Born Isabella Clara Eugenia, Infanta of Spain
1629. Born Alexei I., Tsar of Russia
1643. Born Alfonso VI., King of Portugal
1648. Died Ibrahim I., Ottoman Sultan
1689. Died Pope Innocent XI.
1762. Born George IV., King of the United Kingdom
1872. Born Princess Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein


900. Died Zwentibold, last King of Lotharingia
1311. Born Alfonso XI., King of Castile and Leon
1382. Died Eleanor of Aragon, wife of John I. of Castile
1752. Born Marie Caroline of Austria, Queen of the Two Sicilies
1792. Born Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, Queen consort of William IV. of the United Kingdom


582. Died Tiberius II. Constantine, Byzantine Emperor
1167. Died Rainald of Dassel, Archbishop of Cologne
1430. Died Philip I., Duke of Brabant
1433. Died John I., King of Portugal
1464. Died Pope Pius II.
1479. Born Princess Catherine of York
1642. Born Cosimo III. de`Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany
1688. Born Frederick William of Prussia
1727. Born Henriette-Anne of France, daughter of king Louis XV.
1727. Born Louise-Elisabeth of France, daughter of king Louis XV.
1740. Born Pope Pius VII.
1777. Born Francis I. of the Two Sicilies


423. Died Flavius Honorius, Western Roman Emperor
1038. Died Stephen I., King of Hungary
1040. Died Duncan I., King of Scotland
1057. Died Macbeth, King of Scotland
1118. Died Alexius I. Comnenus, Byzantine Emperor
1171. Born Alfonso IX., King of Leon
1196. Died Conrad II., Duke of Swabia
1575. Born Bartol Kašić, Croatian writer and linguist
1769. Born Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France
1883. Born Ivan Meštrović, Croatian sculptor


1358. Died Duke Albert II. of Austria
1419. Died Wenceslaus, King of the Romans and Bohemia
1445. Died Margaret of Scotland, consort of Louis XI.
1573. Born Anna of Austria, Queen of Poland


1473. Born Richard, Duke of York
1629. Born King John III. of Poland
1786. Born Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, mother of Queen Victoria
1786. Died Frederick II., King of Prussia
1887. Born Charles I. of Austria


1276. Died Pope Adrian V.
1450. Born Marko Marulić, Croatian poet
1503. Died Pope Alexander VI.
1559. Died Pope Paul IV.
1606. Born Maria Anna of Spain, Holy Roman Empire Emperess
1611. Born Ludwika Maria Gonzaga, Queen of Poland


14. Died Augustus, Roman Emperor
1186. Died Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany
1342. Born Katharine of Bohemia, Duchess of Bavaria
1493. Died Frederick III., Holy Roman Emperor
1557. Born Frederick I., Duke of Württemberg
1596. Born Elizabeth Stuart, Electress Palatine and Queen of Bohemia
1743. Born Madame du Barry, French courtesan


984. Died Pope John XIV.
1000. The foundation of the Hungarian state
1823. Died Pope Pius VII.
1914. Died Pope Pius X.


1157. Died Alfonso VII., King of Castile
1165. Born Philip II., KIng of France
1271. Died Alphonse of Toulouse, son of Louis VIII. of France
1614. Died Elizabeth Báthory, Hungarian countess
1643. Born Alfonso VI., King of Portugal
1765. Born William IV. of the United Kingdom


1188. Died Ferdinand II., King of Leon
1241. Died Pope Gregory IX.
1280. Died Pope Nicholas III.
1350. Died Philip VI., King of France
1358. Died Isabella, Queen of England
1485. Died Richard III., King of England
1760. Born Pope Leo XII.


93. Died Gnaeus Julius Agricola, Roman Governor of Britain
1106. Died Magnus, Duke of Saxony
1387. Died Olav IV., King of Norway
1486. Born Sigismund von Herberstein, Austrian diplomat and historian
1754. Born Louis XVI., King of France
1836. Born Marie Henriette of Austria, Queen of the Belgians


1042. Died Michael V., Byzantine Emperor
1103. Died Magnus III., King of Norway
1198. Born Alexander II., King of Scotland
1393. Born Arthur III., Duke of Brittany
1572. St. Bartholomew`s Day Massacre
1572. Died Gaspard de Coligny, French Huguenot leader
1758. Born Sophia Frederica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Queen of Denmark and Norway
1772. Born William I. of the Netherlands
1863. Born Dragutin Lerman, Croatian explorer
1865. Born Ferdinand I., King of Romania


1192. Died Hugh III., Duke of Burgundy
1270. Died Louis IX., King of France
1530. Born Ivan IV., Tsar of Russia
1699. Died Christian V., King of Denmark
1786. Born Ludwig I., King of Bavaria
1845. Born Ludwig II., King of Bavaria


1278. Died Otakar II., King of Bohemia
1346. Died Louis I. of Flanders
1346. Died Rudolph, Duke of Lorainne
1469. Born Ferdinand II. of Naples
1819. Born Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Prince Consort of the United Kingdom
1826. Born Princss Alexandra of Bavaria
1850. Died Louis-Philippe of France


827. Died Pope Eugene II
1312. Died Arthur II., Duke of Brittany
1471. Born George, Duke of Saxony
1487. Born Anna of Brandenburg, Queen of Denmark
1590. Died Pope Sixtus V.
1669. Born Anne Marie of Orléans, Queen of Italy
1677. Born Otto Ferdinand von Abensberg und Traun, Austrian field marshal


1341. Died Leo V., King of Armenia
1481. Died Alfonso V. of Portugal
1667. Born Louise of Mecklenburg-Güstrow, Queen of Denmark and Norway
1691. Born Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Holy Roman Empire Empress


886. Died Basil I., Byzantine Emperor
1093. Died Hugh I., Duke of Burgundy
1123. Died Eystein, King of Norway
1395. Died Duke Albert III. of Austria
1442. Died John VI., Duke of Brittany
1526. Battle of Mohács
1526. Died Louis II., King od Croatia, Hungary and Bohemia
1694. Born Charlotte Christine of Brunswick-Lüneburg
1728. Born Maria Anna Sophia of Saxony, Electress of Bavaria
1756. Born Heinrich Graf von Bellegarde, Austrian field marshal and statesman
1799. Died Pope Pius VI.
1904. Died Murad V., Ottoman Sultan


1158. Died Sancho III., King of Castile
1334. Born Pedro of Castile
1483. Died Louis XI., King of France
1808. Born Princess Ludovika of Bavaria
1813. Born Princess Mathilde of Bavaria
1870. Born Alexandra Georgievna, Grand Duchess of Russia


12. Born Gaius Caligula, Roman Emperor
161. Born Commodus, Roman Emperor
1422. Died Henry V., King of England
1880. Born Wilhelmina I. of the Netherlands