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1040. Died Alan III., Duke of Brittany
1207. Born King Henry III. of England
1310. Died Beatrice of Burgundy, Lady of Bourbon
1404. Died Pope Boniface IX.
1685. Born Charles VI., Holy Roman Emperor


1452. Born King Richard III. of England
1470. Born Isabella of Naples, Duchess of Milan
1629. Died Pierre de Berulle, French cardinal and statesman
1798. Born King Charles Albert of Sardinia
1851. Born Ferdinand Foch, French soldier


1226. Died Saint Francis of Assisi
1369. Died Margarete Maultasch, Countess of Tyrol
1568. Died Elizabeth of Valois, wife of Philip II. of Spain
1611. Died Charles of Lorraine, Duke of Mayenne, French military leader
1797. Born Leopold II., Grand Duke of Tuscany


1250. Died Herman VI., Margrave of Baden
1276. Born Margaret of Brabant, Queen of Germany
1289. Born King Louis X. of France
1379. Born King Henry III. of Castile
1550. Born King Charles IX. of Sweden
1570. Born Péter Pázmány, Hungarian cardinal
1582. Died Teresa of Avila, Spanish saint
1749. Died Franz Freiherr von der Trenck, Austrian soldier
1841. Born Maria Sophie of Bavaria, queen of Two Sicilies


1056. Died Henry III., Holy Roman Emperor
1214. Died King Alfonso VIII. of Castile
1285. Died King Philip III. of France
1520. Born Alessandro Cardinal Farense, Italian cardinal
1641. Born Françoise-Athénais, marquise de Montespan, French mistress of King Louis XIV. of France
1658. Born Mary of Modena, Queen of James II. of England
1791. Died Grigori Potemkin, Russian statesman


1014. Died Samuil of Bulgaria
1101. Died Bruno of Cologne, German founder of the Carthusian order
1289. Born King Wenceslaus III. of Bohemia
1552. Born Matteo Ricci, Italian Jesuit missionary
1644. Died Elisabeth of Bourbon, consort of Philip IV. of Spain
1773. Born King Louis-Philippe of France
1819. Died Charles Emmanuel IV. of Sardinia


336. Died Pope Mark
929. Died Charles the Simple, King of France
1471. Born King Frederick I. of Denmark and Norway
1555. Died Louis of Praet, Habsburg diplomat
1589. Born Maria Magdalena of Austria, Grand Duchess of Tuscany
1637. Died Victor Amadeus I., Duke of Savoy
1748. Born King Charles XIII. of Sweden
1841. Born King Nicholas I. of Montenegro


976. Died Jelena of Zadar, Croatian queen
1286. Died John I. of Dreux, Duke of Brittany
1656. Died John George I., Elector of Saxoy
1747. Born Jean Francoias Rewbell, French politician


768. Carloman I. and Charlemagne are crowned Kings of The Franks
1047. Died Pope Clement
1273. Died Elisabeth of Bavaria, Queen of Germany
1390. Died King John I. of Castile
1514. Event Marriage of Louis XII. of France nad Mary Tudor
1586. Born Archduke Leopold V. of Austria
1757. Born King Charles X. of France
1871. Born Didak Buntić, Croatian monk and scholar


19. Died Germanicus, Roman general
1344. Born Mary Plantagenet, English princess
1567. Born Infanta Caterina Micaela of Spain
1813. Born Pope Julius III.
1638. Born Guiseppe Verdi, Italian composer


1303. Died Pope Boniface VIII.
1347. Died Louis IV., Holy Roman Emperor
1661. Born Melchior de Polignac, French diplomat
1671. Born Frederick IV. of Denmark


638. Died Pope Honorius I.
642. Died Pope John IV.
1095. Died Margrave Leopold II. of Austria
1320. Died Michael IX. Palaeologus, co-ruling Eastern Roman Emperor
1537. Born King Edward VI. of England
1558. Born Archduke Maximilian III. of Austria
1576. Died Maximilian II., Holy Roman Emperor
1730. Died King Frederick IV. of Denmark


54. Died Claudius. Roman Emperor
1162. Born Leonora of England, Queen of Castile
1244. Born Jaques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar
1453. Born Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales
1613. Born Luisa of Medina-Sidonia, queen of Portugal
1825. Died Maximilian I. of Bavaria


1066. Died Harold Godwinson, King of England
1257. Born King Przemysl II. of Poland
1318. Died Edward Bruce, High King of Ireland
1404. Born Marie of Anjou, queen of France
1499. Born Claude of France, wife of Louis XII. of France
1630. Born Sophia of Hanover, Princess Palatine and Electress of Saxony
1633. Born James II. of England and VII. of Scotland
1784. Born King Ferdinand VII. of Spain


1389. Died Pope Urban VI.
1711. Born Elisabeth Teresa of Lorraine, queen of Sardinia
1825. Born Queen Marie of Prussia
1874. Born Prince Alfred of Edinburgh
1893. Born King Carol II. of Romania
1917. Died Mata Hari, Dutch dancer and spy


1355. Died Louis, King of Sicily, felled by Black Death
1430. Born King James II. of Scotland
1483. Born Gasparo Contarini, Italian diplomat and cardinal
1591. Died Pope Gregory XIV.
1751. Born Frederika Louisa of Hesse-Darmstadt, Queen of Prussia
1793. Died Marie Antoinette, Queen of France
1796. Died Victor Amadeus III. of Savoy


532. Died Pope Boniface II.
1174. Died Queen Petronila of Aragon
1853. Born Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia
1912. Born Pope John Paul I.


1141. Died Margrave Leopold IV. of Austria
1405. Born Pope Pius II.
1417. Died Pope Gregory XII.
1503. Died Pope Pius III.
1541. Died Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland
1558. Died Maria of Austria, wife of Louis II. of Hungary and Bohemia
1668. Born John George IV., Elector of Saxony
1831. Born Emperor Friedrick III. of Germany


1187. Died Pope Urban III.
1582. Born Dmitry Ivanovich, Russian Tsarevich
1587. Died Francesco I. de’Medici., Grand Duke of Tuscany
1658. Born Adolf Friedrick II. of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
1813. Died Jozef Antoni Poniatowski, Polish prince and Marshal of France
1889. Died King Louis of Portugal


1139. Died Henry X., Duke of Bavaria
1677. Born Stanislaus I. Leszczyński, King of Poland
1700. Born Charlotte Aglaé of Orléans, Duchess of Modena
1740. Died Charles VI., Holy Roman Emperor


1422. Died King Charles VI. of France
1527. Born Louis I., Cardinal of Guise, French cardinal
1725. Born Franz Moritz Graf von Lacy, Austrian field marshal
1805. Died Horatio Nelson, British admiral


741. Died Charles Martel, leader of the Franks
1383. Died King Fernando I. of Portugal
1689. Born King John V. of Portugal
1701. Born Maria Amalia of Austria, Holy Roman Empire Empress
1751. Died William IV., Prince of Orange


42. BC Died Marcus Junius Brutus, Roman senator
1456. Died Giovanni da Capistrano, Italian saint
1503. Born Isabella of Portugal, queen of Spain and empress of Germany
1516. Born Charlotte de Valois, princess of France
1634. Born Hedvig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp, Queen of Sweden
1715. Born Peter II. of Russia


51. Born Domitian, Roman Emperor
996. Died King Hugh Capet of France
1375. Died King Valdemar IV. of Denmark
1537. Died Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII. of England


304. Died Pope Marcellinus
625. Died Pope Boniface V.
1047. Died King Magnus I. of Norway
1154. Died King Stephen of England
1330. Born Louis II. of Flanders
1415. Died Frederick of Lorraine
1478. Died Katarina Kosača, queen consort of Bosnia
1495. Died King John II. of Portugal
1759. Born Maria Feodorovna (Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg) Russian empress
1856. Born Dragutin Gorjanović-Kramberger, Croatian paleontologist
1920. Died King Alexander I. of Greece


1235. Died King Andrew II. of Hungary
1427. Born Archduke Sigismund of Austria
1684. Born Kurt Christoph Graf von Schwerin, Prussian field marshal


1156. Born Count Raymond VI. of Toulouse
1271. Died Hugh IV., Duke of Burgundy, French crusader
1312. Died John II., Duke of Brabant
1401. Born Catherine of Valois, queen of Henry V. of England
1505. Died Ivan III. of Russia


312. Died Maxentius, Roman emperor
1312. Died Elisabeth of Tirol, German queen
1412. Died Margaret I. of Denmark, wife of Haakon VI. of Norway
1485. Died Rodolphus Agricola, Dutch humanist
1510. Born Francis Borgia, Spanish duke and Jesuit priest
1718. Born Ignacije Szentmartony, Croatian Jesuit missionary
1740. Died Empress Anna of Russia


1017. Born Henry III., Holy Roman Emperor
1138. Died Boleslaw III. Krzywousty, Duke of Poland
1875. Born Marie of Edinburgh, queen of Romania
1950. Died King Gustaf V. of Sweden


1611. Died King Charles IX. of Sweden
1668. Born Sophia Charlotte of Hanover, queen in Prussia
1685. Died Michel le Tellier, French statesman
1816. Died Frederick I. of Württemberg

1345. Born King Fernando I. of Portugal
1391. Born King Duarte of Portugal
1424. Born King Wladislaus III. of Poland
1448. Died John VIII. Palaeologus, Byzantine Emperor
1538. Born Caesar Baronius, Italian cardinal and historian
1705. Born Pope Clement XIV.
1723. Died Cosimo de’Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany
1732. Died Victor Amadeus II. of Savoy
1733. Died Eberhard IV. Ludwig, Duke of Württemberg
1838. Born King Louis of Portugal
1851. Born Lovisa of Sweden, queen of Denmark